​Eva Halina has successfully pursued several careers. Born in Warsaw Poland, she was a member of the Polish Olympic Gymnastics team, Miss Photo Poland, as well as a noted international model and actress. In 2003, she began to focus on painting full time, following in her fathers footsteps. In 2012, she began the Mug Shot Series.

"This series is a reflection of who we are as a society.The harsh lighting of a mug shot seems to amplify the stunned expression of the prisoner. There is something evocative and compelling about the immediacy of the moment. As I searched data bases, I realized that the criminal justice system in my adopted country crosses all social and economic borders. To complete the series of fourteen, I selected a cross section of America. There are billionaires, street people, actors, prostitutes and accountants. Some are mentally ill, others were considered among the best and brightest. They are everyone, all of us. A few are innocent, perhaps. Most are guilty. I'm not trying to make a political statement with this series. It's simply a mirror of todays America."



Member of Los Angeles Art Association since 2013.